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This weekend I did a complete work up with H4350 and the bullets seated for a COAL of 2.680 so I could compare it to the workup I did at COAL of 2.650".

The results were surpising to say the least.

The loads for each test were as follows:
38.5 gr
39.0 gr
39.5 gr
40.0 gr

I found that the 2.680" test, the velocity for each round was about 50 fps more than the 2.650"

The real interesting thing was that at a COAL of 2.650", my tightest group was with the 40.0 gr charge (0.980), just under 1 MOA. With the 2.680" test, my best group was with the 38.5 gr charge at 0.750"! The 40 gr charge with the longer OAL was terrible at 1.5"+!
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