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Many Mausers that were rebarreled fit the description. American brass is a loose fit. Arisakas are the same way. You take the bolt out, insert a live round in the bolt face (Remove F/P first!) and watch it hang down. Turn the bolt handle so it faces down and the bullet will probably fall out. There are no extraction problems there, that is the way it works. Extraction problems start with dirt, overheating, and bad reloading. I have test fired many a rebarrel or new bolt with out the extractor installed. Once you open the bolt most cases fall out when you stand the rifle upright, if you do it right away. If you have extraction problems it usually means something is wrong or you are doing something wrong. If most extractors were that tight, I doubt there would be so many empty cases laying around with the primers slightly backed up. I go with the theory of "Where it lays is where it stays".
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