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As much as I would like to see this restriction removed, I feel it will be a while, and also I am conflicted on whether or not it will be through congress, or, more then likely through the court system.

More then likely though it will be through the court system. I am unsure of what would be the "ideal" case for this though.

I dont think this petition will be of much help at this time... Do I feel it is great to call attention to the issue? Yes, but properly...With all the media scrutiny over firearms, not only in self defense, but just ownership in general, I feel we may be better served to pick a better time for this battle in order to better win it. I do appreciate your good intentions.

As to SilentScreams fears about people owning NFA items, I do not agree. There are many things that I see little or no use for, that I not only have no interest in, but try to avoid being around when possible, even though they are legal. Do I support people owning them? Yes. Why? America is a free country with some exceptions we are trying to work on. Why should I want to impose my personal views on others? I shouldnt, because I support a free America for all.

I also feel that the founding fathers would support this more then many realize. Afterall, they supported the private ownership of not only firearms, but the modern artillery of the day as well. Artillery meaning mortars, cannon, howitzers, etc. While people say they are worried about automatic firearms, I would rather face that, then I had artillery. With a bullet, even from an automatic firearm, it may well be "to whom it may concern" but with artillery it can be "your close enough anyway" when it comes to a shell going off near you.
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