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Justifiable predator self defense

What would you consider justifiable self defense on firing on with intent to kill an animal? There are obvious ones like if a bear is charging you full on. But how about if a bear, lion, coyote, etc is in your yard after your dogs? Are you justified in killing that animal? It doesnt have to be a predator. Even an aggressive deer, elk, or moose can pose a major threat. A lot of people have been charged and fined with killing bear, moose, etc claiming it was self defense. Where do you draw the line and when do you pull the trigger? Has anyone actually shot and killed an animal in self defense? If so what were the repercussions? If anyones heard my story before they know i personally have fired on a bear that broke into my backyard and went head on with my husky only when all other attempts to chase him off failed. Unfortunately it was before i was familiar with proper shotgun loads and i used 00 magnum buckshot and didn't do the job i needed it to but it did get the bear to leave. Anyways I want to know if anyone's had to take an animal in self defense.
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