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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith
...LATER, Jeff pointed out his color code system was more of a mindset and being willing to use whatever force is needed. That is break your inhibition to use it if need be...
That is as Jeff presented it to us and what became the core of the Color Code.

Furthermore, we have the possibility, as proposed in a prior post, that our victim was in fact "watching his six" using a mirror at the ATM.

Bottom line is that in my opinion your characterization of the victim as being in Condition White is unwarranted. And in any case, the real point is that he was able to act decisively and take advantage of an opportunity.
"It is long been a principle of ours that one is no more armed because he has possession of a firearm than he is a musician because he owns a piano. There is no point in having a gun if you are not capable of using it skillfully." -- Jeff Cooper
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