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That's actually the exact type of thing we need. Someone to get into office and sneak the repeal in and maybe change the import laws as well. They'll of probably be voted out of office because bloomberg and the Brady bunch will surely release ads trying to convince the public to do so, but we will have our freedoms restored by that time anyway.
Consider that right now the majority of "Americans" believe with all their heart "silencers" and machine guns are in all ways illegal for private citizens. Sneak something into congress like this, and it is possible you will see alarmist media claiming that anyone could go and buy a machine gun no questions asked. At that point, you would more than likely have a very large group of voters calling for them to be banned completely. Right now those that fear machine-guns do not know to call for their complete ban because most of them don't know you can buy them with the right process.

I have found that the level of fear the antigun populace really has about them is scary. They are fed nonsense, kept naive, and thus spew misinformation and meaningless alarmist concerns.
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