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This petition is to repeal the National Firearms Act (NFA) 1986 also known as “The Hughes Amendment” as in part of the Firearm Owners Protection Act, H.R. 4332 as the NFA has no discernible benefit. We the people ask that this violation of our rights as free law abiding citizens of the United States be removed.
There are a number of problems with your petition. The first is that the opening sentence is a grammatical nightmare. I'm not being facetious: that really does matter if you want to be taken seriously.

The second is that it's factually inaccurate. The NFA and the Hughes Amendment are two separate things, written 54 years apart.

Third, it's not time to repeal the NFA yet. Machine guns in particular are still the rhetorical third rail when it comes to 2nd Amendment advocacy. Even if the petition were to be noticed and taken seriously, you'd find little real support for it, and a premature push could result in a net loss.
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