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Someone on Condition Yellow would have keep turning his head to see if anyone was watching BEFORE they even started to withdraw their money. Someone on Condition Yellow would have kept an eye out to see if anyone started to approach them (or RUN toward them.) Someone on Condition White is so busy getting their money they don't turn around till it is to late.

I have no doubt the thug was watching across the street, waiting until someone they felt was an easy mark would come by and not watch around.

Louisiana, like Texas, is a shall issue state and there no reason for good citizens to not be armed and alert (especially Shreveport and ATMs!) And I suggest some H2H skills be added for if one gets the drop on you then grappling/disarming will be one of your few options.

The thug in the video did not consider the possibility the victim would fight back. While the victim was in Condition White, the thug was in Condition Stupid.

“To you who call yourselves ‘men of peace,’ I say, you are not safe without men of action by your side” Thucydides
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