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My current set up:
Glock 22
6-15 round mags
Glock Sport holster/ Tagua Leather OWB holster

1. From what i've read the Glock 22 will be for SSP correct?

2. Do I need to have 10 round mags or will I be able to use my 15 rounders
You can use the 15rd mags but you can only load 10rds.

3. Will the holsters I currently have work?
Yes. Remember that you'll need a mag pouch.

4. What is a good concealment garment to get?
A lot of folks use photographers vests, I just use an unbuttoned button down shirt or a jacket depending on the weather.

5. How many rounds are shot during a match? How many do I need to plan on taking with me the day of the match?
Total number of stages and rounds varies, figure 50-80 average. I usually bring a couple of hundred rounds with me. I like having extra, never know who might need some.

6. Is there somewhere I can find out how the course will be set up? Or will they allow a run through/practice before the match?
You're group will walk through each stage just before you shoot it. No practice, no air gunning.

Have fun!!!!!
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