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Thanks pdogkilr- that's exactly the information I needed. Because I'm a little slow, I'll repeat what I think I should do.
1. Get a pilot drill and redrill existing action holes to accomodate the pillars.
MY THOUGHT_ if pillars are oversized- file to correct length???
2. Remove wood in the action area for the glass bedding material.
3. Put tape over the FRONT and SIDES of the action lug- the idea to create a little space in the front and sides.
4. Tape the barrel in front of the action- sort of free float barrel???
5. Tape over stock's outside to protect it.
6. Wax- release compound on action / barrel and molding clay in any nooks and crannies that could create a mechanical lock.
7. Mix up the epoxy- first roll the pillars in epoxy and install in their holes, then put putty in stock area.
8. Clamp/screw down action to stock- wait a day, ramp to free.
Is That the correct process? Thanks again.
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