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Help with first IDPA match

I will be shooting my first IDPA match at the end of April and just have a couple questions:

My current set up:
Glock 22
6-15 round mags
Glock Sport holster/ Tagua Leather OWB holster

1. From what i've read the Glock 22 will be for SSP correct?

2. Do I need to have 10 round mags or will I be able to use my 15 rounders

3. Will the holsters I currently have work?

4. What is a good concealment garmet to get?

5. How many rounds are shot during a match? How many do I need to plan on taking with me the day of the match?

6. Is there somewhere I can find out how the course will be set up? Or will they allow a run through/practice before the match?

I've read over the IDPA rules as much as possible but it seems easier to find the answers from people who have actually shot the matches. Thanks
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