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Keep it simple.
jgcoastie got it right IMO. When training something as 'primal' as survival, keep your training simple. If I can throw my two scents in as far as the presentation go, break it up into sections and consolidate your points. Day time/night time, casualties/no casualties, open terrain vs. close quarter and the like. Elaborate a little, then train train and train some more. Classroom time is great but when you look for 101 points, much of the useful information will be lost in translation. Don't be vague, but get the simple things established, point out whats right/wrong, and let the questions from the trainees flow. I can't tell you how many times a 'boot' got flustered over something like a simple patrol formation because insignificant points were stressed.

"Powerpoint makes us stupid"
-General James Mattis.

Also, I agree with War Elephant. The winning mindset has been around for a long time. Theres a reason for famous prewar speeches. One more thing I'd like to add that I've noticed with many LEO's, is physical conditioning. While in the military, I was never a PT stud. But looking at some LEO's, they really need to hit the gym. When you start getting shot at, everything in your body goes into overdrive. This will greatly hinder your ability to move and mentally handle a situation if not physically able to do so in normal conditions. Not being in some sort of decent shape is pretty big sign of not being in the right mindset. I realize not every agency is a SWAT team, but if you're in a position to carry a gun and be responsible for your life as well as others, I'd think this would be of some sort of priority to an agency.
"In 1968 for my senior field trip I was sent to RVN"
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"It is far more important to be able to hit the target than it is to haggle over who makes a weapon or who pulls a trigger." -Dwight D. Eisenhower

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