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My vote goes to 148 LWC and 158 LRN. I can tell you that my experience with the Remington 148 HBWC has been very good for 38 Spl, but would not load it in 357 as previously noted. I also hate the lube on the Rem HBWCs, but prices and accuracy keep me dealing with it.

The key here is probably whether you plan to only load 10% or less 357 Mags. If more, go with the 158 LRN for all. If less, plan on buying 148 LWC in bulk for the 38 and a few boxes of in 158 LRN.

If I wanted one bullet to do most anything here it would be a 158 LRN. Easy reloading and loading the gun, in both rounds, along with being a bullet both shoot well in all conditions. The Hornady bullet 10508 will suit your needs, but break your wallet.
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