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Adjusting OAL after the fact

Got out to test my fresh (first batch) of .40s today.
I had previously adjusted the crimping die to set them a little tighter
after having experienced them not dropping fully into battery. They go
in fine now and shoot well.

New problem is OAL issue. In my Glock G22, they are a smidge too long
for the magazines if I load more than 2 rounds to the mag. They are fine in the barrel, but just long enough that they stick a bit in the mag.

Question: Can I re-adjust the seating station on my Dillon 550b to press them in a smidge more without having to take them apart? These are case-full loads (even at 1 grain less than max) using Unique powder.

I wouldn't call them compressed loads at this point as the Unique is very fluffy powder, but the powder does sit at the bottom of the bullet.

I need to shorten these by... probably 8 or 10/1000s".

Can I just press them in a bit?

As always, appreciate any/all input. Another valuable lesson learned today
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