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Just to horn in on this discussion, if I may, I'm in much the same situation as dendang (the OP): I mostly shoot and load .45 Auto for 1911s, and some 9mm (also for 1911s). I recently picked up an inexpensive, modern(ish) DA .38 Special revolver to teach my wife how to shoot. I've been using store-bought'en ammo, but I have saved the brass and I'd like to segue into loading for .38 Special.

I mostly load Berry's bullets for both .45 Auto and 9mm, but I've been using a plated 115-grain round nose for the 9mm. That's probably not optimum for .38 Special, both being a bit on the light side and also being a .356" bullet rather than .357". But that's the crux of my question: If practicable, I'd like to be able to use the same bullet for both 9mm and .38 Special.

In their plated bullets, Berrys lists both 124-gr and 147-gr in a round nose configuration, as well as a 124-gr flat point for 9mm. There are spec'ed at .356". For .38 Special, they're showing me a 125-gr flat point, and 158-gr in either flat point or round nose.

Would any of these be a suitable dual-purpose bullet, or do I just bite the bullet (as it were) and buy different projectiles for the .38 Special?
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