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Amen. Yes, the chambers and brass specs for the military are different from SAAMI specs. Period. I made the reamer for the die set he had. I would not guarantee that brass from another die would chamber. Die sets have tolerance also. If you want to get into neck sizing, what a bunch of crap. I have had numerous problems over the years from people that neck size, especially pump and lever guns. "Do you reload?" became a standard question for me before checking a gun. Check out some brass at the range and see how the bulge usually is off to one side. It could be a series of alignment problems or just a large chamber with the shell off to one side when it goes bang. When you neck size, what makes you think that shell is going back in the chamber the way it came out? A good bolt action will cam it in but the base of the case will not sit on the bolt face flat without twisting the case. A good indication is brass rubbed off on the face of the bolt or bolt lip. There is a lot more there than mentioned in the load books.
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