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Titan Reloading

I had a good experience with Titan Reloading that I wanted to pass along.

I ordered items that I needed to start loading 9mm Luger and .38 special/.357 magnum. A week went by and I hadn't received an email saying they had shipped. I sent them an email and got a response that same day (on a Sunday!) and said one of the items I ordered was out of stock. I thought I was pretty careful to ensure all the items were in stock when I placed the order but apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention. They said their policy is to ship whole orders but they valued my business and would ship the items minus the backordered part to me. I told them no big deal and I'd pay the additional shipping charges since they split up the shipment for me. I got the shipment a couple days later and then today I got the backordered item in the mail. It cost them $7.26 to send an $18 item to me in a separate shipment and they didn't charge the additional shipping to me even though I wasn't paying attention and ordered an out of stock item with the rest of my order. It was my fault and I certainly wasn't upset about it and they still ate the shipping charge.

I'll be giving them more of my business.
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