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Jumping into Bow Hunting

Was at a firearms auction today and everything was going pretty high. Almost bought a beat up Enfield for the receiver only at $110, but passed. Last item sold was a Browning Cobra compound bow. Pretty good shape with a decent pin sight on it. Don't know much about bows beyond what I have picked up from the guys I gun hunt with. Been thinking about getting into bow hunting for quite some time and this one looked pretty good to me, although simple, and much cheaper than I have seen, so I jumped on it without knowing much at all. Have done some research and seems I probably payed a bit high at $70, but maybe not considering the sight also. Going to a shop this week to get a mechanical release and some arrows.

Now I need to find a place to shoot it nearby. I don't think the State Range in Sugarcreek has an archery range and I no longer belong to the local hunting club.
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