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I have had to reload in about eight different locations over the years. Lots of comments about strength, etc will be made, but I have used everything from a 1 x 12 to the maple top from a bowling alley. My last before now was a 3' X 6' folding conference table. My present setup, for which I have very limited space, is an old oak drafting table. All will do, some a little better than others.

Things I consider absolutely necessary:
1. Shelves not attached to the bench.
2. A smooth top.
3. Not so deep that you use it to accumulate junk.
4. A shelf across the bottom to store your bullets on because the weight will lend stability.

You will probably end up with your scale on a shelf at about eye level. If the shelf is attached to the bench, everytime you cycle the press your scale will jiggle around and probably lose its zero. Same if the scale is setting on the bench top.
A smooth top is necessary so that you don't accumulate powder, dirt etc. My present drafting table came with a mat that just lays on top and is smooth on top. It is very good.
If your bench is too deep you will put everything you MIGHT use on it, and pretty soon run out of space to work.
You pretty much have to just utilize the space you have available, to the best you can.

I have also found that a Luxo Lamp, or equivalent, is excellent for your reloading area, as you can put it exactly where you need it. The center magnifier comes in very handy also. It is the only light I have in a rather dark garage.
Attached is a photo of my current setup which meets all the above except #3.
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