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Mr. Guffey, your comments.....
When sizing reloaders believe they are bumping as in "I bump my shoulder back etc.,etc.. and it is beyond their comprehensions when forming/sizing part of the shoulder becomes part of the neck and part of the case body become part of the shoulder, the shoulder did/does not move, the shoulder is still there where it was when the case was fired, the difference?
.....are way, way out of line. We're all smart enough to know that. We also know that if one sizes a .30-06 case into a .308 Win. one and trims the case length back to 2.010 inch, the then new .308 Win. case shoulder is that sloped section between the back of the neck and front of the body. We don't care that the old .30-06 shoulder metal is now in the neck; we figured that out a long time ago.

Geeeze, Guf, give us a break. Your rants are getting past the rediculous stage.
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