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Yeah, the SKS should do fine. My brother got 2. I was okay, you could hit something with it even with its iron sights. The 2nd was crap, you could barely hit a 1'x1' target at 100 yards.

I just got my fathers M1 Garand (he bought it about 5 years ago and never shot it) and I put a scout scope mount on it, a medium relief scope, a gas pressure regulator, and a padded cheek rest (due to the hieght of the scope). I put about $250 in to it all in all and I did all that so I'd have a useable hog rifle.

If I had to do it from scratch, I'd go with a Savage 116 'kit combo' from walmart - gun + scope for < $400... probably in 30-06. I don't trust cheap gas guns in any caliber.
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