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This whole thread is about "Feel good" extra work. I remember a '17 Enfield that after resizeing the brass it had gained about an average of .020-.025 in length. That is because military chambers are different. At 100 yards it shot great with factory ammo. I did an 8x57 barrel for a guy and he wanted it built to the dies he had. He fired off half a box of the brand of brass he was using, resized and trimmed all to length. I took measurements off the brass, and will admit there is a lot of "Feel" involved when you do this. I did the chamber, we fired off the reloaded half a box of brass that was sized and trimmed, resized it and started measuring. Not one case was more than .001 longer than the original trimmed size. I doubt neck sizing is that close, and there are issues with that I won't go into here. It shot O.K. at 100 yards but not great. This Guy liked to play and tried all kinds of recipes and it never was a tack driver. A lot of the reloading advice is nonsense because the gun or barrel is not good enough to take advantage of it anyway.
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