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STP38MP 3/8 inch Multi-Pack of AR500 Steel Targets $249.00 Pre-Paid S/H Thru USPS. Nothing like AR500 steel. It is harden than third grade. We have put together a multi-pack for you that will save $13.00 over individual prices THEN we are paying the shipping charges which saves you another $16.00. You can't beat this deal. You get in this pack : 2 x Silhouetts, 2 x10 inch circles, 2 x 8 inch circles, 2 x 6 inch circles.

STP38SLPK 3/8 Steel Target Plate Silhouette Four Pack $150.00 Pre-Paid Thru USPS.
Here is another of our most popular Multi pack AR500 steel targets. Silhouette Measures 13.25" tall x 7.5" wide. These targets are so tough that drill or punching them is almost impossible. So we made them with holes already in place so you can make swinger targets. DO NOT USE AP bullets unless you want to destroy your target. You will not be disappointed as to how tough these 3/8" thick babies are. Also, swinging targets take up a lot of energy. If you place these target against a solid background without swing, it may shorten the life of your target. BUY THESE BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP. AR500 STEEL IS IN SUPER SHORT SUPPLY RIGHT NOW. WITH PRICE INCREASE COMING.
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