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...and all for something there is just no excuse for.

IMO, it really doesn't matter who(LE or BG) unjustly enters my house and the results are either a member of my family or myself shot, the person unjustly shot is just that...shot.
I know it does/has but...'Oooops' or 'legal immunization' should NOT come into play when the wrong house is raided. There's just no excuse for this kind of error, Period! And whomever dropped the 'address' ball in the process, up to and including the judge, should be liable and subject to prosecution.

Course again, at the end of the day, if someone from the investigative team that had actually been to the suspect address prior was with the breaching team at the time of the raid, maybe the wrong address would never be raided regardless of what address was printed on the warrant.
Just think how easy it would be for the breaching team leader to look over to the undercover person that had been to the suspect house many times prior and say "Is this the right house?"
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