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No matter what you do?

If I do not have the luxury of disagreeing I do it anyhow. L have two rifles, different manufacture, same chamber, same ammo, one groups like a shotgun, the other makes my reloading look good, I have one rifle that corrects all the ills of bad ammo. A builder of bench rest type rifles called and said he needed help, his necks before firing measured .335” after firing the neck measured .345”, my question, How do they shoot? answer, “One hole groups”. He had 500 fired cases, measuring all 500 would have been doable, but he said he measured. It is/was not for me to ask him just how much better can a one hole group can get, he wanted less neck expansion when the case released the bullet, now he can start with a neck that measures .341” and expands to .345, with regards to helping him, I thought I would be finished in two hours, in two hours “WE” had two cases ready to be sized to the chamber.

Then there is the mail order/Sears type 03 Remington before A3 with new or reloads, the groups move but never spread, no scope. I purchased that one while at a gun show called Big Town in Mesquite, TX, I took the owner to a bank to get the money, I lined up with a drive through lane, and he left, after calming him down he explained driving through a bank with a pick up full of rifles propped between the floor and seat would draw suspicion, and I explained to him, “NO, this is my bank”, I decided to drive through the ATM lane.

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