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hERE IS A START ON YOUR BASIC WORK BENCH I just priced it out for materials and the wood will be just under a 100.00 with adding nicer plywood for the upper and putting a sheet of 1/4" masonite on the top of the bench, over a sheet of 3/4 CDX, very durable and can be removed as needed when it gets damaged. Also going to use CDX for the bench top and lower shelf, cheaper.
I have questions on hight too, I think I am going kitchen counter hight or a bit lower, so I can sit on an adjustable stool or stand at it. I like my face low when using a press for rifle or pistol loading. Obviously you can make this bench bigger. I am going to route in grooves for T head bolts for the powder measure and other light things you bolt down but may want to move out of the way for other work. I would suggest after you build what ever size you do, to just sit at it a while and do some mental lay out thoghts on where you would want the equiptment.
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