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I am using a 98 action with a 26" sporting weight barrel. Action and bolt have been trued up, lugs and crown done and a trigger job. I recently bedded it in Devcon in a Boyds Thumbhole Stock. With the original stock and no bedding or scope it managed 1.5" off a bench. Can't wait to see what it does now as it is coming back from having a scope mounted on Monday. It was supposed to be yesterday, but it wasn't ready, and I never rush a good gunsmith.

So I will load up in anticipation! I am thinking of finding the max by loading a couple rounds each from 45-47 in .1 increments and checking for expansion. I can always stop and pull some bullets and back off a couple tenths once I find the limit. Then with my Chrony I can let you guys know how fast it was when I reached to limit. I still hope for 3200 as the rifle/case is good for 50+k and the listed load stops 5k lower and only about 100fps off from it.

I have never gone outside of the books and manuals before so the nerves will be on. Hopefully, I will hopefully get to try an Ackley version next year. I have a spare 98 that is coming back with my rifle drilled, turned, and trued up. I bet I can get 3200 then! (and re-barrel my old one?)
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