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Old gun

I recently acquired this old musket that used to hang over my Grandfathers mantle. It's in such good condition, I sort of assume it's fake, or at least heavily restored. However, it did come from Santa Fe, and I know things also have a tendency to last much better/longer in a dry climate.
I'm not looking for an appraisal or anything, I just know very little about old guns - other than what I see on Pawn Stars. I can't find any makers marks, but I understand that they're often under the stock, and I'm not particularly comfortable trying to take apart a family heirloom.

The things I find suspicious are:
- The general pristine condition of the action.
- The strap attachment - I wasn't aware they were put on old guns.
- The fact that it has a ram rod.

The things that seem genuine:
- The woodwork seems pretty ornate and well worn for a fake.
- The barrel seems to be both well made and old.
- Grandpa was an archeologist, and not really the type to own fakes.

I don;t want this post to be too big, so here are some links to other pictures
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