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Once again, we are not talking about split second decisions,...
IMO,politics, whether liberal or conservative has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. This isn't Russia, we have a Constitution and laws which are supposed to be designed to protect the innocent from each other as well as 'over zealous' government....and FWIW, both the Constitution and most of these laws were in effect long before the 60's....yes, I remember the 60's well. Not only the Vietnam demonstration's but the civil rights riots as well. Again, nothing to do with the topic at hand.

As far as the topic at hand, I would think that whichever your political preference's are, as a US citizen, it wouldn't matter to anyone who unjustly knocked your door down(BG or LE) and murdered a member of your family. Again, we have been talking about organized, long term investigated LE raids on homes in which LE screwed up and raided the wrong house and whom should be held accountable. Not the split decision's a beat cop out on the street has to make daily. Big difference!

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