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Also to add in some tools you will need....
files at least 10" long will be more user friendly...

1 of each is the basic starter set....

1/2 Round, Bastard
Rasp, 1/2 Round, Bastard Cut
Round, Bastard Cut
File Card And Brush to clean them with...

I got mine at Woodcraft, and they can be a little pricey, but..DO NOT get the files at Harbor Freight, or any kind of knock off store. They will not stay sharp for more than a day, and they are made cheaply. Invest a good quality set or individual ones. They will last a long time.

this set is $109.00 but you get a couple extra things that make the life of the file longer, a file pouch and handle, and a file card/brush

^^^ that's the set I have...

This list is only a suggestion of the kind of files you will need. You do not have to get them at Woodcraft, but Home depot ,Ace Hardware, and Lowes also have good files. All I'm saying is don't skimp on quality, and you will only have to buy them once.


lowes does not sell any quality lumber for a gunstock. neither does Home depot. unless you are going to make it out of oak, and even then it's not really that good of quality....if you would like to practice on a piece of pine stock first, to see if you have the skill and mindset, and of course patience to do so, then please get a some wood there...I would suggest you doing that first, assuming you have limited wood working experience. But if you do have a woody background then here's a place to get good gunstock wood online if you go that route...
great material, reasonable prices.

also when you are about to seat the barrel in the stock, this little product will help you immensely.

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