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Workbench setup recommendations

Hi all

I'm finally ready to take the plunge and start reloading. I have space in the garage for a workbench, and plan to get going here shortly.

I thought I'd ask for simple recommendations on how to put the bench together ahead of time that might save me some headaches down the road.

I'm thinking about...
  • ergonomics - any preferences out there on standing, barstool, or sitting in a chair while you reload in bulk?
  • material - is 3/4" plywood and 2x4 ok, or should I be going something heavier? I'm thinking the press needs something truly solid on the edge, but a simple replaceable top surface for the long term. What about something less permeable?
  • cabinets or no? Most benches I have seen have nowhere to store the components. My kids I'm not worried about - they get safety and know the drill. But keeping the neighbor kids who come over out of my reload supplies is a focus. Any storage concerns being in a non-ventilated cabinet?
  • static - I imagine lots of storage containers will be plastic. Do I need to put down a rubber mat on the work surface or floor as anti-static?
  • lighting - garage only has two outlets in the wall quite far from where the bench has to go. The overhead fluorescent light is terrible. I will have to either put another light on the ceiling, or run an extension cord along the baseboard. To minimize heat, I was thinking of LED lights.
  • area - how big of an area do you actually use? I'm thinking for reload activity (pistol, rifle, shotgun) but also cleaning, etc. I doubt I'd be making my own bullets.

I want to build this once well, and be able to take it with me when we move. All opinions welcome and appreciated, because Lowe's is my next stop for building materials. Small smile already on my face.

Then I get to go to the gun store. Big smile not yet visible, but I feel it starting. hahahhah

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