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I hate ATMs and specifically for that reason. I know of three people who have been mugged while at the ATM. Granted all three were in Detroit when their respective muggings occurred but I've shied away from ATMs since then unless I absolutely HAD to use one.

Then I use a drive up ATM and have my pistol sitting on my lap when I use the machine. I park my truck as close as possible to the machine and give a good look around before commencing. After each time I look down to punch in numbers or select a menu option I look up and around again.

My left hand does all of the work. My right hand remains on my pistol the whole time. After I've driven away from the ATM I'll reholster the pistol.

I know I sound paranoid but when you personally know a few people who were victimized at ATMs you tend to be more paranoid about those things.

Oh and no none of them were carrying - two were decidedly anti-gun and the other was just oblivious.
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