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So I guess the gentleman that wanted to buy all my Mosin-Nagant ammo pouches and then back out of the deal is unethical and has no honor?
Maybe--there's a big difference between "wanting" to buy your stuff and agreeing to buy it for an amount of money (i.e. a contract). If you make a valid offer and it is accepted, you should stick to your deal. If there were big money involved, and you had it in writing (or enough witnesses in some cases), a court would force compliance with the contract--it's just usually not worth it in the gun world. I surprised that anyone would suggest that a man's word shouldn't be his bond, if he can get a few more ducats elsewhere.

I've let people out of deals before and been let out of deals; but I've also agreed to follow through on bad deals when I made a mistake when pressed because it is the right thing to do.
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