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Originally Posted by Axelwik
On a similar note driving is hazardous enough as it is; do you think that we shouldn't require driver's licenses either?
Personally, I don't think the possession of a driver's license makes a person a safer driver. A number of states, depending on the driver's record, don't even require a driver to take a written examination for the renewal of their license. The last time I had a driving ability test with an examiner is on the order of half a century ago. So, what exactly does the little card in my wallet do for the safety of the public? Probably about as much as the other little card that allows me to CCW.

To ease back a bit closer to the thread topic, I do note, however, that the anti-RKBA elements have yet to manufacture a study that indicates that permit holders from those states that have a training requirement are 'safer' than those permit holders from states that don't have a training requirement. I'm sure if there were the slightest bit of evidence that it were so, there would be a push for rigorous training in the name of "public safety".
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