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Obviously I have my way of thinking and you guys have yours.

Most people on this forum are likely responsible gun owners and carry a gun with respect, are safe, practice with their firearms, and are less likely to maim or kill someone by mistake. But like anything else, there are those who just don't give a flip.

Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but like it or not, when a gun hurts or kills someone it makes the news. This is bad publicity for those of us who like our guns (responsible gun owners), and it gives the anti-gun lobby more reason to pass draconian gun laws.

In my opinion if states/government eliminated all training requirements for concealed carry, incidents would increase and this whole (relatively recent) "experiment" with CCW could be eliminated. That's just my opinion - I'm keeping an eye on Arizona and other states that don't have any requirements.

On a similar note driving is hazardous enough as it is; do you think that we shouldn't require driver's licenses either?
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