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257 Roberts Modern Data

I have asked similar before, but now I am about to load my test loads this weekend and hate going in blind.

Here is the loading data from Hodgdon's website for my selected powder and bullet for .257Roberts. Notice that it is a conservative load meant to be safe for older Mausers. I am loading for a modern action and with +P Brass. I am looking for loads to make the most of the round's capabilities. I would like to see if 3200fps (maybe 3250?) is attainable with this bullet/powder for a longer range predator/deer load.

Bullet wt/ type- 100 GR. SPR SPBT
Powder - Hodgdon H414
Caliber- .257"
OAL- 2.770"
Starting load/ Velocity/Pressure- 44.0/2919/33,600 CUP
Max Load/ Velocity/ Pressure- 45.0/3098/44,500 CUP

I know precision will dictate the final load, but I would like a good modern maximum. I want to load for the strongest load that holds a decent group. If I can go up .1gr and give up just .1" in group then I would if I can put a bit (worthwhile and noticeable via chrony) more energy on target.

Just looking for input.
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