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When in the last 40 years did the police get to be the bad guys? Is everyone here an ex-hippie?
...I am very sympathetic to the issues facing cops, from rookie patrolman to the captains and chiefs.

Nonetheless, it is my belief that because Law Enforcement is granted a great deal of power (necessarily so), we the people have a right to expect a great deal of professionalism in the use of that power.

An excellent analogy is an Air Force pilot who drops a bomb on the wrong target. He will have is actions reviewed in great detail. If it is found that he was negligent, he can be imprisoned. Negligent in this case meaning that he made a mistake that a reasonable pilot in the same situation would not have made, as judged by other Air Force officers.
Well said btmj. Since when does questioning authority, esp when civil liberties are concerned make one a "hippie"? Requiring the extra step to make sure the door that is being kicked in is the right one is reasonable; and, holding the individual, or individuals, responsible accountable when they get it wrong is the right thing to do.
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