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NM Drops VA and FL. _ OR Campus Carry

New Mexico has dropped Virginia & Florida as states it honors. VA does not require a Shooting Qualification and Fingerprints are not Mandatory. That is the word I got from the VA State Police for the reason VA was dropped. NM Is just stating Florida’s Requirements are not similar to New Mexico’s. From what I am hearing and seeing this may not be the last state that NM will drop. Time will tell. has been updated to show these changes in NM/VA/FL. It will be a few days before Steve can make the changes on the Create A Map Application to show the changes listed above. You can view New Mexico’s DPS Website and see the listings and reasons Here:

I am getting feedback on the State Emergency Laws I added to each states page. Many of the entries are edited for length and feedback is making me look again at one or two paragraphs that should be added. Thanks to everyone who replied. It is very much appreciated. Also be aware that what I have for Emergency Laws is not complete. As I stated many were edited and there are most likely Administrative Rules that were adopted to comply with the Emergency Laws. ( My main point was to show if firearms could be restricted in any way in a declared emergency.

In Early March 2012 Oregon's State Board of Higher Education voted unanimously to ban all firearms on the system's seven campuses. Anyone who does any business on University property must agree not to carry any firearms. The policy allows people with Concealed Handgun License to be on campus but are barred from any Building or Arenas as they will be posted. Any Student/Facility or anyone who does business on University Property could be expelled from the property losing their student status or Job with the University System. Police and Military are exempt.
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