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Doc, I shoot alone most times myself and like it that way. I'm not anti-social, I just enjoy being alone.

There are times when I can get one of my 10 kids (so much for being alone) to accompany me to a shooting session. Particularly if I come up with a new sidearm they think is "cool".

For shooting my front-stuffers, I've used wonderlube for a very long time mostly because I'm unimaginative. And it has has worked fine. For the C&B revolvers, since I'm new into it, I haven't used up all the pre-lubed wads I bought for my initial supply yet. And I haven't put lube, grease, whatever over the loaded chambers. Maybe I will in the future. I did buy a supply of hard felt for wads after the original supply runs out.

For cleaning, I use HOT HOT soapy water, rinse in HOT HOT water and let dry by evaporation. Then a liberal coating of Ballistol before I put the irons up. Never had any rust issues with this process.
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