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anyhow speaking to a YHM rep said in a pinch you can use a 5.56 OD suppressor for a .243 just ensure the flashhider is on straight and inspect it before firing but the .30 cal will do the job everytime.
When I made my first 223 silencer, it had a bore of nearly .300" This was good enough to allow the use of a .243 as it aligned well with the bore, but I never did use it on my .243 winchester as it was built for pressures and powder charges one expects from the 223 and the 243 has higher pressure and powder charges. I will use it on my 22-250 with the higher peak pressure, but with the longer barrel on my varmit rifle, the pressure should be below that it encounters on the 223.

In any case, talk to the manufacturer and check alignment prior to "off-label" use.

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