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KG Gun Kote or Electroless Nickle

Hey all, I am in the process of a small project on a RIA 1911 9mm Tactical. As everyone knows RIA offers a Two Tone Tactical in a .45 but not a 9mm, so I have decided to do one myself. With that said I am looking for anyone here that has done the Stainless Steel color of KG Gun Kote on a 1911 frame. Also, I am looking for anyone that has done the Electroless Nickle plating. History is key; It's one thing to have just completed the job a month ago, I am looking for folks that have done this a year ago or longer. How many rounds has been shot, amount of wear, has it been carried, etc. I know both of these processes are not $200 and up refinishes, at the same time I don't feel you have to break the bank to get a good result. Below is a place close to where I live that does the plating - $100 for the frame....not bad. KG Kote would be around $30-$40, I would be doing the work. Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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