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The 9x18 Makarov is more expensive than 9x19.

.303 Brit, 7.62x53 (762 Argentine) 7mm Mauser, 6.5x55, 30.06: money wise is gone, gone, gone and gone. A ~buck a round? KM double 'Ayes'.

8mm surplus and 7.5 Swiss is close enough in cost to .223 and .308, so why shoot surplus. 8mm was cheap for awhile, but when it was available is was 50plus years old and in cardboard boxes...not in sealed tuna cans.

5.45x45 is cheap, but what kind of milsurp gun shoots it?

7.62x25 is now well past .20 cents a shot. Plus it's such a high pressure cartridge that no one I know shoots it. Can you imagine shooting this round thru thouse cheap 1911 knockoffs! I think I'll be seeing half used ruski tuna cans of this stuff now that I'm on the look-out for it.

If there is any other milsurp cartridge other than 7.62x54R available that is inexpensive and half way reliable please let me know.

Oh yea, don't forget...If you are thinkning about reloading for berdan cases...this ComBloc Eastern Euro stuff has 4, that is four, known...berdan primer sizes. That's right. 4!
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