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Gun safety is everyone's responsilbity. Some just abide by them more...

Please know that I put on a lot of shoots. In all the years... I still have someone in the back handle their firearm. Even though I run a "cold" range (means that the gun is unloaded, no magazine in the gun, no round in chamber)... folks want to "show off" their guns to someone else, especially newer folks.

People forget. That is why I'm there and also the other Safety Officers with me.

I try to keep it simple. If there is someone in front of you... you got to know that you should not be handling any firearm (PERIOD).

It's the Golden Rule - if you don't want someone doing it behind you... don't do it behind someone else!

Plain and simple.
"Shoot Safetly, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport." Jim Scoutten, Shooting USA

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