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So there are shooter and then there are shooters...

Given that you can shoot well by placing shots on a stagnet target at 10 yards once you add movement... things all change.

So if this instructor is going to "expand" your experience... an open mind is all you need.

Now when you do add shooting and moving... do know that it's like relearning how to shoot while your body is in motion. Also the idea of shooting at multiple targets and the "proper" sequence of engagement are mostly foreign to regular range shooters as most only shoot at one target in front of them.

You have a good base. You'll pick it up quick that there is much to learn.

Once you do take this "class" I would recommend looking up IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association and check out a local club near you. They have a range finder on their website that is close to you.

To most regular range shooters...
Multiple targets
Magazine changes

Are all foreign as most ranges won't let you practice or learn how to do these skills... but are fundamental for self defense.

So what you can do is have all your gear ready. Bring a bottle of water and a snack. Prep for the weather or not (indoor) and hit the range a few times to hone your basic marksmanship. Stock up on ammo and take in the experience.
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