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Bushmaster ACR- Does Anyone have any info on the calibers/barrels/upgrades/"new" one?

Just curious here,

The Bushmaster ACR has been a secret crush of mine for a long time buit I mean, WTFunkyColeMedina,, it has been out for what over two years now, and really nothing has been released for it - to my knowledge, like, not a single thing!

There was supposed to be a few stock options, hand guard options, those would have been the easiest thing IMHO. Instead there is the normal "folding" stock and the one I'd have to have as a NJ guy, the "basic" stock. I believe there is the MOE hand guard and the plastic "railed" hand guard that the "Enhanced model" has.

Am I wrong here or are they ALL the 16" barrel. 5.56m "carbine/rifles" that is that... no 18", I am not sure of the 14.5" or 10.5" barrels as I can't even do the SBR if I wanted but I'd at least bet others might want to, and certainly no caliber changes.

I read that the 6.8 SPC caliber conversion was supposed to be out right away cause it was supposed to be simple and a priority- a Remington caliber , wanted to gain popularity for of course the rifle but also the caliber for military picking it up and civilians than copying... and its supposed to be easy to convert with. Just a bolt and barrel and magazine maybe? ( i mean thats the ACR normal process but even on an AR-15 that was supposed to be it). Now I don't have a lot of interest in the 6.8 but I'd consider it...

I also heard 7.62x39mm was going to happen, I am NOT POSITIVE but I read something saying it would get a new lower as well, so you'd have a plastic AK pistol-gripped-lower and mag to snap on as part of the conversion . This REALLY interests me. IF the 7.62x39mm conversion was out I would be directly planning my getting one.

Basically I would be so interested in the ACR if I was getting a 16"' barreled' 5.56m carbine ,and I could immediately buy a say 7.62x39mm conversion kit (regardless, I dont know how it would be packaged, a new bolt, i'd assume a 16" barrel as well, and lower and mag?") ... and I also would want the SPR/DMR kit for it, supposedly an 18" 5.56 barrel and Magpul PRS Stock... now I would have a 16" carbine, 18" DMR, and a 16"? AK/7.62x39mm carbine... Now I CALL THAT an Adaptive Combat Rifle!!!! Especially if I can also buy a few extra hand guards for customization .

And lastly, there was a post a while back, maybe a year back, on The Firearm Blog, that there was supposedly a "new" ACR 2.0 coming out, (They made it seem like it was imminent) in which it was more of a piston AR-15 with lots of Magpul and adaptability, rather than whatever it is now... and it had a hard metal, AR-style lower, a removable AR-style pistol grip, and the awesome REMINGTON ACR looks. Who knows what happened to that?

OK If anyone has any info, please drop it. the Firearm Blog posted that Magpul could possibly have re-accuired the rights, if Bushmaster didn't sell enough. They speculated that if this would happen, Bushmaster would simply lower the price big time so they sold enough. (Well Bushmaster we're waiting!!!) they also noted Magpul got some 450 million like cash infusion, maybe they'd start making their own rifles/ Well magpul????
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