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More brass questions ...

In searching through these threads to find some answers, I found the following post from frankenmauser.

"Weighing brass is pretty much an exercise in futility (and consequently, so is weighing final assembled rounds). It might be an interesting mental exercise for hyper-consistent reloading, but it is pretty much pointless for normal humans
In one of my .30-06 loads, the difference between 0.490" groups and 1.5"+ groups is flash hole uniforming and weight sorting the brass. (100 yards)"

This is a great example of what I was looking for, I'm curious if this is typical. My questions are:

Does anyone else have data like this you can share (how much impact does sorting brass have on accuracy)?


I typically sort my brass by number of x loaded, which is more important, sorting by number of x loaded or by weight?
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