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Wadcutters make the best holes. This can be important if you shoot in competition and seeing the edge of the hole could make the difference between a 10 and a X. These can be cast or swaged.

Semiwadcutters make good holes and typically weigh more than wadcutters. They are good for target and many use them for hunting. Cast bullets in this profile can be used for hunting. Swaged are probably too soft for hunting, but considered among the best self defense rounds if swaged with a hollow point.

Lead round nose bullets make the worst holes in a target for scoring, but the profile allows for rapid reloads. This is probably the favorite bullet for action shooting competitors shooting DA revolvers. Reloading speed may not be as important shooting a SA.

For informal practice and plinking any bullet profile will do. For a beginner who is just trying to get a lot of trigger time developing the fundamentals teh cheapest bullet is probably the best as long as its sized properly and doesn't lead the bore.

The bullet I use the most is a swaged 158gr SWC over a mid-range charge of Unique or W231.
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