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I find it all very helpful.....

...and am glad for the responses.

I can tell you that I am happy with my bore lube which is 50/50 Crisco and wax rings (I know the term is not correct since wax rings are not real beeswax) Actually I think that has been true for a long time, maybe as long as before I started shooting some 35 years ago.

I am thinking about getting some beeswax. It is about twice as expensive as the wax rings (but I do have a line into a plumber who gives me the used ones for half price ................ That was a joke.......)

Anyway I am thinking I will test the beeswax based lube to find out if it is twice as good as the bore lube from toilet donuts. I am skeptical because I am pretty happy with my mix. I do realize that I am flying in the face of logic from numerous shooters who love beeswax as part of the mix. And for a guy who has never tried it, I should not have an opinion.

I talked to the guy about Ballistol today and he does have it for sale. He also put me on to a guy near Kitty Hawk who does black powder firearms. So now I simply must get down there.

I think I will be successful at convincing my wife we are going on a date because of that restaurant. She might wonder what is up when I come out of a guys house with a armful of Ballisol, but she is pretty tolerant.

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