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I bought a sight-in target kit today
I would like to know what this is. I've never heard of one. I hope it is not a ripoff gimmick.

Assuming you are at a range with a dirt berm I would do this:

Pick a pebble on the dirt berm
Put the front end of the rifle on a rest of some type (sandbag is fine). Make sure you put the stock on the rest, not the barrel.
Shoot at the pebble.
Make coarse adjustments with the dials on your scope until it seems like the dirt puffs are right on the pebble.
shoot at the paper target of your choice.
Make fine adjustments with your scope dials.

If you are still all over the place tighten your scope setup or better yet, take it to a shop and pay someone to show you how to do it right.

You cannot tell if you're "sighted in" without using a rest.
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