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I dont know what kind of target frame/support you are using.

When sighting in a new gun/scope combo get up close-25 yards or 50 at most-inc CF cannons. Bore sight it.

Place a big a piece of paper as possible-newspaper, good size on the target support first, then the target. The newspaper will catch the ones that dont hit the target. Freezer paper is also good and the holes are easy to see.

I was at the range last fall. A shooter was sighting in a new shotgun-slugs at $14/box. He had 3 boxes and had shot 2 boxes of em before I arrived. He had yet to hit the paper. The gun shop, where he bought the outfit, assured him it was 'bore sighted'.

I moved him to 25 and he shot one-we looked and looked thru scopes. Finally I saw a half hole on the topedge of the paper. I suggested a correction to get to the bull--NO WAY- that is way too much.

He shot up has remaing ammo and all he accomplised was getting a little familiar (very) with his new gun and wasting $42 worth of ammo.
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